Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WORDs are powerful...

WORDs are powerful... Especially, when they come from someone with whom you value. They can make you soar thru the skies or make you sink to the depths of the earth.

You can never take back those words that pass thru you in a fleeting moment of emotion and then slip thru your lips. The damage is done. No do-overs... No take-backs... just the lingering of what was spewed out. We may be able to forgive, for that moment and may be able to set it aside, but there will be that ache... that sadness... that initial sting.

I am not perfect by any means... But, I will more often than not hold my tongue or even sustain from sending something I have written that stems from hurt or anger. I don't want my hurt or anger to rule my words doing damage that can't be undone. I have folders filled with pain and that is where they will stay. They are filed in my heart and out of my head giving me some freedom to move forward with the rest of what lies ahead for me. I may have taken a hit but filing it away or not saying it does allow me to take steps forward, at some point, with no more further damage being done on my end.

I have learned and then realized that it is in our nature that even though we hear hundreds of good things about ourselves that help us to feel good for moments in time... that we will forget these praises, and we may not really even believe them when being heard. Yet, to hear just one negative or harsh thing... that is what we will remember, that is what we will hang on to and that is what we will believe above all else. Example, you can tell a person a thousand times how beautiful they are, but it only takes just ONE time of saying something negative about the way they look and that will NEGATE ALL the thousands of times you've told them how beautiful they are. Truly, that is some power we possess...

So, tread lightly... put your filters on... think before speak... ONLY spew words that you will mean after the hurt and/or anger have passed...

And, remember there's no do-over button ..."I'm just say'n"

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Priceless Treasure

On this day, March 28, 1974

...was the discovery of great treasures and gold

Your charm
…is the treasure that leaves us with a twinkle in our eyes

Your witt
…is the treasure that gives us the joy in our thoughts

Your humor
...is the treasure that fills our souls with laughter

Your smile
…is the treasure that fuels our delight and happiness

Your talent
…is the treasure that leaves us with a vision for a lifetime

Your spirit
…is the treasure that runs through us leaving us whole

Your spirituality
…is the treasure that lifts us up to the light

Your wisdom
…is the treasure that enlightens us with your insight

Your strength
…is the treasure that inspires us to never give up

Your kindness
…is the treasure that brings warmth to our lives

Your tenderness
…is the treasure that gently embraces us daily

Your generosity
…is the treasure that gives with an open heart

Your soul
…is the treasure that influences the depths of our being

Your beauty
…is the treasure that shines through you inside and out

Your love
…is the treasure that is the most precious one that binds us

Kimmy Curtis
...is the special gold that we so deeply treasure

Happy Birthday to you... my priceless treasure

Friday, March 26, 2010

Updating on Six Word Stories....

...gathering all of notes from my iPhone, papers from the office, my nightstand and my truck... inspired from life, friends, songs and even T-shirts:

FROM T-shirts
*Drinking... continuing 'til the economy improves
*Just another handsome dyke... just say'n

FROM songs
*Somewhere Over the Rainbow... bluebirds fly Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
*Don't make promised you can't keep Cher
*A nice day to start, again Billy Idol
*Come on, break my heart, again Sheryl Crow

*Icyhot... you should go pee FIRST Inspired by my brother LOL

FROM life
*FINE... F$%4'd up, Insecure, neurotic and emotional !
*Yes, I am ready for it
*Has been running... knee jerk reaction
*Is missing my sister on Facebook
*Has enjoyed getting her funny back
*Getting re-acquainted with old friends... NICE
*Garlic powder makes everything taste better
*In the shower... contemplating and processing
*Good isn't great... but isn't bad
*Woke up a 7am... how cruel
*Running... from safety or to safety
*Anything I've left... it's for you
*For this moment... all makes sense
*Music returning back into my soul
*Sharing my drive with Melissa Etheridge
*Some, I like more than others
*Words... wonderful gifts to be shared

There... my head, truck, office, phone and pockets are clear for another round of Six Word Stories... to be continued

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Excerpts from my Letter...

I wrote a friend and was letting her know how things were going in my life. She has been listening diary for me, so I thought I would share parts of this letter with you...

~~I want to tell you about my day which was one of those days that I should have just stayed in bed all day w/ the covers over my head ! I was out gathering and filling out applications all day. I took a break to go have lunch w/ a friend. As I was driving him home, I went to make a U-turn, and he fell out of the truck, because he hadn't shut the door right. I slammed on my brakes, because I was also afraid that I was going to run him over. By the time I got out of the truck and to the other side, he was UP...but his hand was all shredded, his knee was tore up, his pants were ripped at both knees and he was bleeding everywhere ! I felt so bad... I kept saying how sorry I was, and I started to cry. I took him home and got him cleaned up.

When I left there, I was still so upset by the TRAUMA. But, a little later, I ran into an old EX of mine who was able to make me feel better. We visited w/ each other until I had to go babysit. I left there with a "missing" in my heart and was thinking to myself, "I'll learn to be just friends... if I have to."

I enjoyed your letter, and I an glad you are in better spirits, and thank you for the pic. You lQQk great. I have shared it w/ some friends and family. I am excited for you about the girl and the poem. That is one reason why I like songs so much, because they always hit home w/ the way things are going in life and/or the way I am feeling. That's why I want to write lyrics or poems that would touch someone in someway. I am going to sigh off for now, but I 'll be back...

Well, guess who'sss Baaaccck ? ...How clever of you ! You are right... it's me, Teri ! I am sorry for not getting back in touch w/ sooner and that that made you feel alone and that no one cares. But, know that I do ! I really do miss you, and if it takes writing you EVERYDAY, I'd do it and believe me you are NOT forgotten. I just got off of the phone w/ your sister. Your family really misses you and say they will write you once a week ! Your mom and Gina talked about 5days ago and say they are going to do a better job of keeping in touch. Your sister, Jen, says she wants to write but struggles with it... You know, how there are some people who sit down to write but their minds just go blank, so don't think your mom and sister don't care... Because, they do !
Well, Gina has a nice home & is doing well financially, but I have realized that I will have to get some roommates.
Now, as far as me giving on you, where would you get a crazy idea like that ?!?! Teri, doesn't give up on anyone especially someone she cares about ! I mean, look at my mom, I haven't given up on her and that's gotta say a lot. And, you know I love her !

Well. I guess, it's just one of those days.... that's why I have been crying off and on. Maybe, I just need a good cry, but I just want to crawl back bed and start it over... good night and know that I am her for you... TTFN TTLY TTYL IHFY TRWL LOL
...May love go w/ you always !!~~
PS... Hurry home, I don't have anyone to sit on my lap or put my arm around someone who is half my size... LOL

Well Crap, I just saw your PS about not showing your pic to anyone. I am sorry about showing it to Willcott, Sheila, Jeff and Steve... ooops.~~

Well, here is the funny thing about this letter. It was written in Sept of 1980... Thirty years ago by me to a high school friend who was in the military at the time, with whom I am still friends with, and in fact we are planning our 30yr class reunion together with some others. That's how I got a hold of the letter. She brought it for us to read.

As we were reading this letter, we realized that not much as changed in my life. Things are pretty much the same for me then as they are for me today...

*Still looking for a job
*I have been surrounded by bloody TRAUMA... well at least with me and my pets...
*STILL ~...
learning to be just friends with my EX's if I have to~
*I am back to babysitting part time
*Still loving music, lyrics, poems & writing
*Still try to rally and keep everyone together
*Gina's got her own home and doing well financially... (Thank God for me)
*Still have roommates

*Teri, doesn't give up on anyone especially someone she cares about... even her mother
*Still crying off and on w/ rough days and wanting to crawl back in bed for a do-over
*Still have my own way of writing w/ my texting... LOL
*Still want, yet don't have, anyone to sit on my lap and put my arm around

In short, I know it's a bit late for that, my life has done a complete 360. As Robin pointed out, "The more things change, the more they stay the same"

Monday, March 22, 2010

My nephew's 18th Birthday gift... from me

“A Fine Young Man”
The man that you have grown to be…

You started out in our arms…
...Now, you can hold us up with your strength

You started out by filling our hearts…
...And now, your heart has embrace the world

You started out with your first baby steps…
...Now, you are running forward with a zest for life

You started out understanding our words…
...And now, you are a young man with words of your own

You started out with your first words…
...Now, you have thoughts and opinions for us to hear

You started out needing your hand held…
...And now, you are grabbing hands and taking the lead

You started out learning in school…
...Now, you teach those around you with your knowledge.

You started out needing us to watch over you…
...And now, you have your own vision

You started out with our protection...
...Now, you are able to take others under your wings

You started out with the need of our guidance…
...And now, you are following your own direction

You started out asking for advice…
...Now, you are being sought after to give your insight to others

You started out in kindergarten…
...And now, you are graduating high school

You started out with your destiny in question…
...Now, you are on your own path to face your destiny

Landyn's last letter to Santa Claus

Landyn C. Webb
### ???? Rica Ct
### ??? Silver St
????, CA #####

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa it’s me Landyn. This is going to my wish list. My list has for things the first one I would like but the very last three would be a blessing form you and God. The second one is my life long dream to have but the last two I really need not just for me but my friends need it more than I do. So please remember this and here they are...

1) Assassin’s Creed the video game.

2) An authentic pro size football signed buy the NFL’s one and only Tom Brady. But if this is too much I would just like the chance to meet and talk to him.

3) A blessing for my friends to stop cussing and saying nasty things.

4) A blessing for me and Bailey to start being better friends.


PS:I wouldn’t mind a 5 lb Hershey Bar. By the way house is Mrs. Clause doing?

Pre-blog writings... JC's nightmare

Well, here I go...
I let the dogs in.... and they started play like they ALWAYs do. I went in to my office to go get some office work done. Just as I sat down, I heard odd, loud sounds from the dog(s). I came running around the corner into my room and saw Derby shaking her head vigorously at JC's neck. I ran over to them to pull Derby off of JC but found that Derby's bottom jaw was trapped in JC's collar in a figure 8. Derby was trying to get free, but she was choking out JC !! I put my hand on the back of JC's collar to try and find the release clip on her collar... That’s when JC turn her neck and bit into my arm... I screamed like I have never screamed before. She wouldn’t release my arm, so I had to pull my arm free. She was scared... being choked out… and must have thought I was a part of all that.
Her teeth sliced across my wrist... blood was gushing out of my wrist… the dogs were still attached…. Derby still shaking her head trying to get lose…. JC was going limp from being choked. Derby then started dragging JC around the room, and JC was dying or was already dead… because, now she wasn’t moving all as she was being dragged and was having bowel movements all over the floor…
I could not do anything as ALL of this was happening…. I kept screaming and crying for Derby to stop, but she couldn’t… she was fighting for her life too. I had clutched my wrist with the hand that wasn’t injured to try and stop the bleeding. I was afraid I was going to bleed to death because of where the cuts were and all the blood from me that was everywhere, so I couldn’t physically help the dogs. I was scared for JC… for Derby…. And for myself… but could do NOTHING to help them !!!!
I finally got to a phone but had to try dialing the numbers with the hand that was tore up, because I couldn’t let go of my wrist with all of the bleeding. I finally got a hold of Carol (I had made some other phone calls too for help with the dogs… with no answers) While waiting for Carol… Derby finally got lose. She ran off, and JC wasn’t moving… I was crying, because I was heartbroken about the dogs and still scared for myself. I looked over at JC’s body again, and JC’s head was up with eyes open… I couldn’t believe it! She got up walked over to the bathroom area… but, she didn’t do anything else. I called for her, but she would come.
Carol got to my place called 911 for an ambulance. While we were waiting for them, Carol made some more phone calls for me to try and get some help for the dogs. She got a hold of Courtney. She and Patty came right over. Carol also call her partner, Cristi, and asked her and their friend Peter if they would come over while we were in the ER to clean up all the mess that was made by JC and me… and they did.
JC was having a hard time breathing, and she was throwing up blood. Courtney and Patty took JC to the vet… she is still there. She is still not doing well. when I called to check on her status, they were still wanting to keep monitoring her and to keep checking in on her. So, for the third time today, I called… they said the doctor was in a meeting and he is going to call me when he is done. Derby is having a tough time too... she hasn’t really been in the house much. She won’t come in from the kennel (except when I had her sleep with me last night and feed her this morning)
I want to thank all of my family and friends for all of their help… support …. Kindness…. And love. I don’t know what I would have done without all of you !!! “Thank you” doesn’t even come close to my gratitude !!

Pre-blog writings... My sister's 44th birthday present

Forty-Four Reasons Why I Love You...

I love you for your STRENGTH
For the way you make me SMILE

I love you for your PASSION
For the way you make me LAUGH

I love you for your ETHICS
For the way you make my heart fill with JOY

I love you for your INWARD BEAUTY
For the way you look when you wear a BASEBALL CAP

I Love you for your GORGEOUS SMILE
For the way you LIGHT UP A ROOM

I love you for the things you have TAUGHT me
For the INSPIRATION you have given me
For the way you have always BEEN THERE for me

I love the WONDERFUL MOTHER that you are
For GIFTs of ALL that YOU ARE to your CHILDREN
For the way that you have given them DIRECTION

I love you for the SISTER that you are
For the DAUGHTER that you are
For the way you DEFINE LOVE and FAMILY

I love you for your OPEN ARMS to others
For the way you have INSPIRED the love of our EXPANDED FAMILIES

I love you for your SOFT, TENDER HEART
For the way that you give so GENEROUSLY

I love you for the way you TELL STORIES
For the way you give of your HEART

I love you for the FAMILY FUNCTIONS you have
For the LOVE in your HOME
For the way that you KEEP US CONNECTED

I love you for the FABULOUS ROAD TRIPS
For the way you INCLUDE my family

I love you for the way that you LOVE ALL OF YOUR FAMILY
For the way you have always ACCEPTED me

I love you for LOVING ME
I love you for JUST BEING YOU

Happy Forty-Forth Birthday, Cess

Pre-blog writings... Fay-It-Forward, Christmas 2009

“Paying It Forward” Christmas 2009
Story number one:
Celeste… I went to Walgreens to get Braya medicine. I was asked by a man if he could clean my windows on my CLEAN car… I said yes. I was asked to buy tamales… I said yes. Paid the family for tamales as the little kids hugged my legs… gave the man that cleaned my window a $20 and he dropped to his knees crying. I CRIED all the way home!
Celeste... I've done nothing different then them...Just been blessed, I guess! It breaks my heart!
Teri… God has blessed you, because he knows you have a giving heart & that is a blessing for ALL of US who are in need of your generosity.... THANK YOU (both) for your giving. kind hearts …My two Sisters give sooo heart felt & generously... I am so proud AND grateful !
Cindy (MacWhinney)… Blessings will be yours for your generosity. Your gifts may have been the turning point in their lives. You never know. Your unconditional, non-judgmental gift will be with them forever. This might have been their mustard seed, growing more blessings to come.

Story number two:
Teri… I have a friend from high school (& we all know how long ago that is... eek) Who I usually only see once a year at our annual family Christmas Eve party. She drove all the way out to my home, which is "pack a lunch travel" from any part of town. I was shocked to see her at my doorstep to say the least. I ask what she was doing here, & she said delivering you your Christmas card. I chuckle & reminded her that they have post office for that you know & $.44 is cheaper then gas ;o) She said I don't trust the post office... chuckle chuckle... & she dashed off. I opened the card & this is what it read: "Teri, it wasn't too long ago that I was a single mother w/o a job at Christmas. It was depressing. I hope this helps just a little bit." The card also had some money (too much) in it. ...I haven't stopped crying since I got it. I feel like that man that Cess paid to clean her clean car's window... with all of my heart THANK YOU, Robin... words can not describe how grateful & touched I am…
Robin… Your welcome sweetie. I was just paying it forward and hoping someday you will be in a position to do the same.
Robin… Teri did as much for me as i did for her. : ) Trust me, i'm no angel but i am awfully glad i could help. Sure wish it could have been more.
Elizabeth…Today, I will Pay it forward thanks for reminding me!!! Robin and Teri
Teri… I always saw myself on the "paying it forward" sided... didn't really ever expect to have to be on the receiving side of it... It is a difficult side to be on very humbling as well
Patty… Wow my eyes are filled with water & my heart is full of emotion. That is teuly what christmas is all about.

Story number three:
(which actually sparked story #2)
Robin… Now, let me tell you a little Christmas story. It was December 2004 and I was separated from David, I had lost my job, & had no child support or unemployment coming in. Zero income. I was so depressed it was hard to get out of bed. I had no idea how i was going to pay my rent or utilities much less think about Christmas for Sean. One Saturday night... I got down on my knees and prayed and asked to please, please help me. Then I went to bed. A little while later, Sean woke me up and said that some guy had dropped us off an envelope. I looked inside and there was $500. I was shocked. I knew it had to be Sean's big brothers at the church. It still wasn't enough for rent but I was still so happy. The next morning we went to church to thank them. After church as we were leaving one of the big brothers ran out to my car and said God says you don't have enough. He handed me a couple of more $100. It was enough to cover my rent. I cried all the way home. My Mom ended up paying my PG&E and a friend paid my phone bill. Later that week the landlady came up to me and said somebody had given her an envelope for me. I opened it and it was $50. I took that money and bought Sean a few gifts for Christmas. The next month I got a job, a few months later David and i got back together and my life is totally blessed now. The one positive thing about that time of my life is I can now truly appreciate all that I have because I have totally been without. I know soon this part of your life will be behind you and good things will be in store for you too.

Story numbers four and five:
Vicki’s mom called around and found an organization that helps families at Christmas and told them my story. They brought over some gifts for Landyn and $50 cash for me for food.
Anonymous family (who don’t want to be named I will respect that)… They also gave me money for Landyn, plus they did the same thing for another family member family that is also struggling. I insisted that it wasn’t necessary. Landyn totally understood when I told him I was going to be able to get him any gifts. He said, “Mom, don’t worry about it… REALLY, it’s ok !” … and gave me a hug. I was heartbroken and very proud at the same time. So, again, I told them it was ok give the money to the other family, because Landyn was getting some gifts already because of Robin’s generosity. Well, they wouldn’t take “NO” for answer. So, of course, there were more tears (which really doesn’t take much for me)

I know some of you may have seen SOME of this on Facebook, but there a few reasons why I have decided to share this with all of you…
First of all, I would like to thank all of you again... to ALL of my family and friends for your support you have given to me with your kindness, generosity, love and shoulders to cry on ALWAYs, but especially these past three years… and for still picking up your phone even when you have caller ID ::wink wink:: “THANK YOU” …two words that rarely do justice !
Another reason, I am sharing this is because, as most of you know, this is my THIRD Christmas in a row that I have been unemployed. The beginning of this Christmas season, along with everything else, had taken its toll on me, BUT through this Christmas season, I have been given a ray light. And, I wanted show and remind everyone, me included, that there is still so much good in this world… so much love being given in many ways. I wanted to remind everyone that “paying it forward” is monumental no matter how big or how small… from help a depressed friend or family member clean their home, passing out food to the homeless, give someone $20 for a job that was already done…. to giving a family a better Christmas in whatever way was possible. As my Aunt Cindy said… you never know how you have changed someone’s life. “Paying it forward” ISN’T about the monetary giving… it’s about just plain “GIVING” …in whatever way possible… because who knows someday you may be in need of “receiving it back”. MERRY CHRISTMAS… LOVE, Teri

...I'm just say'n

Thank you EVERYONE for your love, support, friendship & presence in my life... The strength that is provided to me by that... There are just NO words

I'm just say'n...

...Im just sayn **Shrugging shoulders while tilting head**
"NOT a conviction... It's an announcement"

*Pay-It-Forward... because it's in your heart ...
Im just sayn
* You want an exemption card from your own rules, really ?
...Im just sayn
*Bumper sticker: "Gay is GOOD"
...Im just sayn

Tackling LIFE...spewing Six words Stories...

I am feeling very emotional today with last night's trauma & VERY little sleep last night.... Six Word Stories are spewing out of me...

*Please Lord... BEAUTIFUL life, DAY ONE
*Thanks for the BEST dog EVER!!
*Pay-It-Forward... In the red
*It's not over... I'm still healing
*Welcome home... though, I haven't unpacked !
*Still, one box at a time
*It's been Expected... long over due
*Beautiful art... fuels my soul, immensely
*Sandra Bullock... IN A HEARTBEAT, ALWAYs
*Our DARK days and Stormy nights...
*Crossing many rivers to get HOME
*No dark roads... bit of OVERCAST
*It is ALWAYs the little things

These SWS.... have also generated a second avenue:
"I'm just say'n" **Shrugging shoulders while tilting head** ...those to follow as well
WHICH... generated a SWS... "I know, I know "BIG surprise!!"

*ASTRIX... They bring it to LIFE

Derby's TRAUMA... Heart sick

Well, Landyn & Jason were wanting to shoot some rubber bee-bees in the backyard, I told him "NO." I am NOT a fan of the the whole gun thing at all, but his other mother has bought them for him... I told him that I didn't want Derby to eat them from being in the backyard, so the smart kid that he is (...He gets that from me ;o)> ) decided to use Derby's plastic "Pup-corn" container to shoot the bee-bees into to save himself from having to pick them ALL up (which is what I told him... I was impressed with his problem solving). I told him to to pick up his mess when they were done AND put EVERYTHING away & from this point forward that I don't want those air-guns & rubber bee-bees back at my house... again, NOT my cup of tea !

I was being visited by a wonderful friend who dropped off some paperwork (diet info !! Thnx, Debbie !) for me when Landyn heard something hitting the house & went out to check it out... then he started screaming for me from the backyard... I headed out there & after what I saw it... I kept saying, "Gosh-damn it, Landyn !" because he was suppose to put EVERYTHING away when they were done !! After my friend left, we went to the backyard to figure out what had happened.

Here's what we figured out ...
Derby had found the container which smelled like her treats on the patio table & got her head stuck in it. The thought of just that was sickening to me, because she could have suffocated!! But when Landyn was trying to get the container off of her head there was water in it... & again, this was another sickening visual of her drowning in this bucket. If Landyn hadn't heard anything AND hadn't gone to check it out, this part for me is hard, because I didnt hear a thing !! I was oblivious to what was happening til he called for me... And had Landyn not come from the front yard & was hanging out w/ us... I dont know what would have happen to Derby.

When we were trying to figure things out... we thought that MAYBE the water in the container was from the sprinklers... but as we walked on the different sections of the grass that were dry, we realized that wasn't the case... then I saw two different puddles of water by the pool. My heart sank so deep that I said "FUCK" as I realize what had happened. Derby has NEVER EVER been a swimmer dog !! I worked w/ her every summer on the play pad to show her how to get out of the pool, but I have never had her in the regular part of the pool to get to the play pad !!

Well, apparently she fell into the pool trying to get her head out of the container... got water in the container... SOMEHOW managed NOT to drown... get to the play pad of the pool & get out of the pool AND to the backdoor with a contain filled WITH water & still managed to let us know she needed help !!!

I am so sick by all of this...

While I was in the backyard & figuring things out... Landyn was REALLY quiet. I assumed he was mad at me for saying the F-word... I said, "Landyn, I am sorry I have upset you by cussing in front of you... but REALLY ?!?!?" He said, "No mom, I am quiet because we could have lost Derby," I gave him a tight hug...

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Please, ALWAYs be honest with me about my posts... I can't learn, fix, explain or justify honestly without communication ......"Communication... it's the foundation of freedom"

Being totally charged by SIX words

Well, be it all brief: Hemingway once wrote a story in just six words ("For sale: baby shoes, never worn.") and is said to have called it his best work...

What has kind of taken over me is... realizing that you REALLY can...
"say so much with so little"
This has given me such a charge... that it really has become a second language for me. Something happens, something is said, a song is being sung, and I am going to my fingers to put it in a Six Word Story (SWS). I will definitely recap some if not all of my SWSs.

I was having a discussion with one of my favorite cousins, who is an amazing artist and that I totally respect with all my heart. Her photographs have brought me to my knees... for which has compelled me to say to her, "I am captured by beautiful art, I am captivated by yours, fascinated by your talent, and blessed by your generosity with it..." My SWS w/ that is "Captivated by Art... Captured by yours"

My amazing cousin isn't totally on board with my SWSs... or maybe the passion I have developed for my SWSs which is absolutely not a problem for me, BUT I did want to try and make a fair comparison with her, so it went as such... "It's like when you walk through your days
capturing life w/ your camera... I feel like it's me walking though my days capturing life w/ six words."

I am going to list a few that I have come up with as of late... BUT, please keep in mind that... because so much is being said with so little that... that ALSO gives you freedom to take it where it needs to go for YOU !

*My life's a two sided coin
*Is laughing with a broken heart

*Charged up and ready to go
*The foundation of funny is.. Insecurity
*Siblings... strength, love, life, support, completion
*Best illness ever is dance fever
*Tampon run for my roomies, FUN
*See what I see in you
*Finding myself, again... I missed her
*Funny thing... sometime it's the laughter
*Wake up laughing... a wonderful start
*A friend needs you... Be there
*Letting the music talk to me
*When ALL else fails... try love
*There is an App for that
*I am bleeding Six Word Stories

There are many more that I will share... because....
"I'm actually bleeding Six Word Stories"