Monday, May 31, 2010

May's photo Challenge

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

I have discovered that I can't pick just one...
hence my albums of picture moments

Another discovery is...
my passion has and ALWAYs will be the ocean
I find such peace and tranquility there...
the smells
the sounds
the ambiance
the energy
the solitude
the beauty
On many occasions
It has taken my breath away
and left me speechless
it allows me to step out
and embrace all that I can soak up

A new discovery for me is looking up...
seeing the sky and ALL that it has to offer
it has become an obsession...
something I fixate on
I look up
I look west
I look in the direction
of where it takes me
the skies
the clouds
the stars
the moon
it reaches out and takes a hold of me
it speaks and tells me stories
the visions I see are open
memorizing and captivating me

These are the beauties that are held in my eyes

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Growing Pains ...1/24/83

I've opened my eyes
to see what has happened
not seeing what I want
or what's in my heart
not letting my feelings blind me

but noticing the changes... the distance
and what is fact and truth
with two lives that were once shared
they have now parted
I am letting go

They call this growing... it hurts
and the growing pains are there
but if it will save the love
that this friendship once shared
then here is your growing space

While remembering...
the places that we've gone
the crying that was done
the laughs that we had
even when they were at each other
it brought smiles to our faces

the things that were shared
the special songs that were heard
that brought us closer together
and that will bring back
those special thoughts of one another

Missing you already my special friend
with the love that will always be there
even through the growing pains

Strong Enough to Stand Aside ...1/17/83

to a best friend

that I have to let go
because the love that I have
is strong enough to stand aside see you happy
and wait for a place to fit in

not wanting to get in the way
not wanting to be a threat

or something that you fear
yet wanting to be something...
that is welcome and belongs in your life

Because of the love that I have

is strong enough to stand aside see you happy
and wait for a place to fit in

Doing this is hard

trying to give it all of my strength

but with so much pain
that it's tearing me apart

you just say so, and I'll stay
If not, I'll be back
and I'll be here when you are ready

Because of the love that I have

is strong enough to stand aside see you happy
and wait for a place to fit in

Driving home

as I drive home tonight...

I see the clouds so filled with richness...
They are filled with such strength...
with their full bodied, bold, deep blues...
Embraced and surrounded by a soft passion
that pillows around the boldness
with soft shades of blue grays
that are gently nudging their movements
as the moon takes cover...
then from time to time she bravely stands out

Friday, May 28, 2010

Passions in two... words of six

My passions in two... family, friends
family is my strength... friends are my freedom

My passions in two... music, movies
music is my heart... movies are my joy

My passions in two... writing, photos
writing is my healing... photos are my escape

My passions in two... oceans, skies
oceans are my peace... skies are my fixation

My passions in two... sharks, tigers
sharks are my charge... tigers are my reminders

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day Dreaming

When trying to let go of the past
that's all that seems to consume me
and all that goes through my mind

Day dreaming of yesterday
thinking of that first kiss
and the first time three important words were felt

Day dreaming of those special days
when every minute was spent thinking of you
and always left me with a smile

Day dreaming of the swims we took in the river
and when feeling frightened

until you took a hold of me

Day dreaming of the special talks we had
and of the times when feeling so close
was when nothing was said at all

Day dreaming of the drives we took
when just sitting next to each other was enough
and how that it always brought us closer together

Day dreaming of the songs
that said what we wanted to say
and how they matched what we felt

Day dreaming of the nights that were spent
sitting in the park looking up at the stars
and sharing our love with each other

Day dreaming of the times
when you were there to hold me through the night
and the times we shared "I love you"

Day dreaming of you
my best friend, my lover, my "happily ever after"
and losing it all forever

Though we had it all... but just day dreaming

written: 10/15/84

"To a Lifelong friend... in pain"

My love for you is without a doubt...
strong, genuine, sincere, unconditional, and never broken
It is ALWAYs here for you !!
I will ALWAYs be a phone call away...
OR at your door step when in need...
I will have my arms open for you with a tight squeeze to follow...
With my heart filled with desire to ease your pain
and my actions ready to show you these words are not empty...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Looking UP...

I lay with my back on the ground
as the grass tickles my legs
and the sun touches my skin

I feel warmth as it grazes my body
and know that the breeze is keeping it at bay
with a gentle glare as I first open my eyes

I recapture my sight
and as I look straight up
I am able to catch glimpses of what is in front of me

I see the sky filled with story book pictures
and can see the shape of a pup in all its playfulness
then, as I tilt my head I can see a lion as it roars

I look to the right
and see the clouds nuzzling themselves
as the sun is seeping thru each crack letting itself be known

I look to the left
and I see a blank canvas
as it waits to be filled with its next set of tales

I continue to lay here in anticipation waiting to see
and wondering what will be next
as the canvas is painted by the wind

Monday, May 10, 2010

Six Word Story... With an Assist

Perfect Moment... Perfect Place... Perfectly Captured

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Angels Amongs Us

A Facebook moment

We hear stories about angels that walk among us. They are earth bound to serve a purpose they may not realize themselves. Their inner light glows for all the world to see, but only a few are blessed enough to be touched by it. Thank you for all your blessings, Gina... thank you for walking into my path. I'm so overcome by your caring and genuine love. You truly are an angel among us. *hug*

Aaawwhh, AJ, that is so toughing, and I am so touched !! ...more tears. What a beautiful thing to say!! I am no angel... but THANK YOU !! (That complement was hard to take... Teri and cousin, Kimmy) I am just trying to give back... Kindness for kindness.


Awww, I don't want to puddle up... BUT Twink, she totally speaks the truth... You have been a true angel to many of us. Your wings are vast and have conquered much.. There are four of you who truly kept me alive (more than that... had a hand in it) ...but the four of you were instrumental and were the essence of my strength. AJ, you are an added number to make five, because you brought me back to life. So... yes, AJ, add yourself to the mix of angels that walk among us ♥

A BIG thank you, Teri w/ a big smile and deephearted aaawwhh. My heart feels overwhelmed tonight, and my eyes feel tired. I love you both.
AJ - I know for a fact you have changed Teri's sight to living again. The joy and laughter that brought Teri back to life is a blessing to me. I may have helped her to stay here, but you have brought her back to the living, again. Ok, guys... I need to go, now... feeling very humbled and emotional

This moment has reminded me that the angels that walk among us are here, they are near, and they are sincere in their actions as well as with their hearts. Though each moment in time is and will be different, I will embrace them as often as fully as I am capable for each given moment.

Show me the the vastness of your wings and carrying me through

To an Extraordinary Woman

Our mother who is like no other...

who has lived her life with a full zest of passion
... with all that she takes on

who has endured pain and struggles so unique
... yet lets her strength carry her above an beyond

who has created such beauty with her wand
... and gives it so graciously

who's given us an adventure that will always be remembered
... with flair and eloquence that will live in our hearts continuously

who has the brilliance of those who have walked before her
... to show the world it's ok to drum with a different beat

who has conquered those moments with a smile and a dash of pen ash
... to remind us to live our lives with no design for retreat

who has set the bar as high it should be to capture all that is possible
... for us never to settle for less than we deserve

who has captivated the essence of visualization and encourages us
... to always keep our heart, ears and eyes open to observe

who has met and exceeded the challenges that were put in her path
... to teach us that anything can be overcome

To our mother we thank you for ALL that you are
... so that we were able to be all that we have become

Happy Birthday to our Mother

Saturday, May 8, 2010

closing eyes... pondering dreams... consuming me

Captivated by...

The smell of the ocean as it closes my eyes for just a moment
The touch of the sand between my toes and under my feet
The being fascinated by the seagulls as they pass above
The passing of the breeze as it grazes my face and blows thru my hair
The sound of the waves crashing with each motion as it becomes one
The sight of the curls as they fold over to embrace itself
The strength
of the waves as they break reminding me that it's in charge
The white foam that comes to meet the sand smoothing it over
The silky, smooth last bit of salt water that takes it all back home
The vision of the sunset and all its magic while it shares the horizon

I close my eyes while pondering my dreams... letting them consume me

Friday, May 7, 2010

Being a Mother...

Being a mother
changes your life in an instant without an option
changes your priorities from day one
changes your perspective with little effort

Being a mother
means making sacrifices without it being so
means being devoted without giving it a second thought
means unconditional love without any promises or guarantees

Being a mother
rewards you with watching them take their first step
rewards you with hearing their first words
rewards you with
a twinkle in their eyes they have only for you

Being a mother
makes you a teacher with lessons because of love
makes you a nurturer with the love in your heart
makes you a giver with open arms and a heartfelt smile

Being a mother
lets you have a little hand to hold as you guide them thru life
lets you have the joy of their smile as you watch them grow
lets you have
the special moments as they run to you with glee

Being a mother
gives you a smile on your face that lights up the room
gives you a little one on your lap that fills you with delight
gives you a full heart that touches the deepest part of your soul

Being a mother
blesses you with sweet kisses that tug at your heart
blesses you with heartfelt hugs tight as they can be
blesses you with unsolicited "I love you's" that melt your heart

Being a mother is a gift like no other...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dear Lord...

Please hear my prayers
........... know my heart
........... meet my needs
........... forgive my fears
........... dry my tears
........... understand my struggles

Please bless my family
........... fill their hearts
........... realize their needs
........... hear their pleas
........... touch their souls
........... surround them with joy

Please watch over my friends
........... take care of their hearts
........... satisfy their needs
........... fulfill their dreams
........... ripen their spirits
........... give them peace

Please make your presence known
........... make your presence seen
........... make your presence heard
........... make your presence full
........... make your presence felt
........... make your presence now

For each and every one of us... please, hear my prayers